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"Built On Shared Success of Queens."

Official BossQueens, LLC was formed in 2016 and we strategically worked on the mission of the business to make sure the messaging we intend to spread is relate-able, motivating and factual. Our ultimate goal is to inspire all women to respect their-selves physically and mentally in all aspects of life, whether it’s business or personal. We do this by attempting to provide positive quotes on our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube platforms. On our website we post positive networking events where women can meet and experience other positive and successful women. We volunteer every year to a female organization. We promote the importance of education so we inspire women to read stories and books by some of the most inspiring and respectful women of our time. To assist, we provide a list of books on our website of our top favorite books based on reviews with the intentions of eventually beginning a book club in the Tampa, Florida area. 

We also offer the BossQueens Boutique where we would like to sell “safe, sassy, yet sophisticated” clothing to show women you do not have to be half or completely nude to find a husband, be successful, or please other people. We aspire to carry business, casual and fitness clothing that make women feel empowered but not having everything revealed. We want to show women that in order to get respect you have to respect yourself.

So our BossQueens Boutique is still a work in progress. Currently, we have a Signature BQ Collection of T-shirts that we are selling to gain capital on the “Boss Business Collection”. We decided to fund the “Boss Business Collection” through this method because we want to show women how you can use your current and inexpensive resources to start your empire.

Dorian & Jalisa

We learned this was a helpful way to teach because not all women have the funding or have the credit to get a loan for a business. Our moral for this lesson is to not use "not having funds or superb credit" as an excuse to avoid going for your dreams and goals.

One of our most prized missions is where we eventually are planning to hold workshops and events hosted by our company to help women figure out what type of business they want and how to begin. We offer anything from assistance on building the social media platform, the website, finding reasonably priced products, using photo and video software, and much more. Our ultimate goal is to help women become a success and also have these women continue to assist more women. We are a company “Built OShared Success” of other Queens.

We are all BossQueens!

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