Meet The CEO & Founder

" BossQueen Li "


My name is Ja'Lisa Williams and I am the CEO and founder of Official BossQueens, LLC. I know you may think this is the part where I list all of my degrees, awards, and accolades but it’s not. This is where I tell you who I really am and the goals I hope to accomplish. Well, I don’t have any degrees, however, I have attended two different colleges and have only managed to get a few certificates. One was a design and technology school and the other was a community college. Although my mother has a B.A. degree and my siblings also have degrees and certifications I took a leap of faith at the things in life that were the most life-changing for myself and the things which made me feel AMAZINGLY complete, fashion and charity.

After not being able to afford fashion school I withdrew in 2007. After 1 year which still left me in a tremendous amount of debt. Next, I attended a community college for Medical Billing and Coding and started working a full-time job for collection agencies and customer service departments. Along the way, I stayed in tune with the fashion industry and continued to brainstorm on how I would make an imprint in the fashion industry and still help others. In 2015, I was hired through a staffing agency called OfficeTeam Staffing (an administrative job placement agency) to work for a Miss Teen Tampa pageant and it was the most informative and inspiring experience of my life.​

I saw young girls with so much self-esteem as they got glamorous and dressed up for their moment on stage in the spotlights. At that moment, I was inspired to be a part of their world. It was as though fate and I had finally met again after a long break up.

At this pageant, I met Stephanie Blandford, the mother of Briana Blandford (Miss Teen Tampa 2014) and she offered for me to come out and volunteer for their “Royal Night” pageant, after the CampRoyal Tampa summer program that happens during the summers for a week for pre-teen and teen girls.


I was inspired by their direction of not being involved with revealing their bodies in their competition. They had their own pageant which did not include a bathing suit category and they did not compete in any other competitions that pertained to revealing their bodies. Briana still won and was able to prove that you can still win in life without selling your body. From there I was inspired to create a clothing boutique and collection that did not subject women to their private areas but also still made women feel and look beautiful, as well as, professional but was also a movement. So I brainstormed with a friend.

Then Official BossQueens was born!