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Meet The CEO


My name is Ja'Lisa Monique. I'm the CEO and founder of Official BossQueens, LLC. I know you may think this is the part where I list all of my degrees, awards, and accolades but it’s not. This is where I tell you who I really am and the goals I hope to accomplish. I took a leap of faith at the things in life that were the most life-changing and the things which made me feel AMAZINGLY complete, Women Empowerment and charity. In 2015, I was hired through a staffing agency called "Office Team Staffing" to work for a Miss Teen Tampa pageant and it was the most informative and inspiring experience of my life.​

I saw young girls with so much self-esteem as they got glamorous and dressed up for their moment on stage in the spotlights. At that moment, I was inspired to be a part of their world. It was as though fate and I had finally met again after a long break up. From there I knew my purpose and I created a movement. The Official BossQueens, where women could reach out to get a resume, a website, tips on life, and suggestions on books to empower them as women. Although I aspire to offer so much more my focus is to continue networking with positive women and their businesses. 

"Being a boss is the goal. Impact is the reward."

"Know where you're from, to know where you're going."

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