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BossQueens Tips

Be sure to apply these tips to your daily lifestyle habits, whether personal or business.


Start Up Business 101

Many new business owners struggle with where to start on owning a new business. The link below will provide many tips and links to assist you on your new journey. We would also like to add you to our page as a "Network Associate". Contact us to find out how to be added as an associate.

Mielle Organics.webp

Organic Hair Products

Monique Rodriguez is the owner of a organic hair-care company. The products are for hair and skin. They are rich in Sacha Inchi, Hawaiian Ginger, Mint Almond Oil, Mongongo Oil, Rosemary Mint, Pomegranate, Honey, and rice water ingredients. It works wonders on natural and curly hair, but you can use these products on all hair types. Mielle Organic products are chemical free and has recently become a social media sensation. Click the "View More" link below to start shopping organically today. 


Menstruate Naturally

Beatrice Dixon is the owner of a natural feminine hygiene company that recently blew up (in a good way) in the media for the culture. Head over to her website at the "View More" link below to find a great selection of herbal-infused, fresh, and most importantly "natural" products for that time of month or for mommies-to-be.



New Year, New Resume

It's a new year and it's time to clean up those resumes. The best part about this is we want to help and you don't have to do anything but press send! We'll edit your existing resume or create you a new resume. When you take advantage of our resume service you'll receive a one time use personalized coupon code for 10% off a Signature BQ Shirt purchase. For our resume services see the link below.


Adwizar Spectacular Smith - Social Media


Had the pleasure of attending a webinar hosting by Spectacular Smith from Pretty Ricky. His company, Adwizar, helps Social Media Influencers "Create, build, and monetize" their following. I've put together a quick tips guide along with some of the information discussed on the webinar. More information on how to sign up for the training and courses are also located on the attached documents. Click the "View More" to get additional information.

Pink I Voted Sticker


Go Girl! Go Boy! Go VOTE! It's time for a change. Out with the old and in with the new. Below is information to help you understand voting, your rights, and what's on the ballots. (Please note: There suggestions are based on Florida and Hillsborough County voting. Makes sure to find the sample ballot and voting information for your state and county.) If you need help with understanding anything contact us. See the link below for tons of information on voting. HAPPY VOTING!

Make your passion your paycheck


Behind every successful business is a business plan. Download this great business plan template to help guide you through the essentials of business ownership. It'll serve as a "Starting your own business" checklist. 

Pink piggy bank with money


Start funding your dreams today. Sacrifice one of your monthly, daily, or weekly wants with a bank deposit into an untouched account. Hair, nails, spa, gym membership, music subscription, etc. Do this for a minimum of 1 year. Use the money you save to invest in your dreams of a successful business. Along the journey research everything there is to know about your dream.

Vision Boards - Ladies Who Brunch


Make a vision board full of goals and follow it all the way through. Journal the journey. Include the steps and how it made you feel. Or start off with 1 goal for the day, month, or year. Go!

food for thought


Healthy food is brain food. Studies show if we eat healthier we think clearer. Think about how much more you can accomplish and learn just by eating, but eating healthier! (One of my biggest struggles. I'm guilty!)

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