Cheat Victim Therapy

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Been there, done that! Here's my cheat victim experience, how I got through it, and my therapy guide.

My Cheat Victim Experience

In A Bombshell!

After knowing my ex-boyfriend for 3 years, who is a police officer mind you, I decided to give a relationship a swing. Well, the first red flag should have been the fact that it took me 3 years to pursue a serious relationship because initially I met him through my friend/hair stylist at the time whom he swore he never had a sexual relationship with, nor dated. I kept turning him down every time he tried to pursue a conversation. Only making small talk. Then I started to blast out messages and videos for my business. He was really inspired and wanted to converse about business. So I took the bait and a few hours later I was, pretty much, finessed into a relationship. When I mentioned that I wanted to talk to my home-girl, whom I met him through, before proceeding he wanted to call off the relationship advising it wasn't necessary because there was never a relationship.

Fast forward 4 months later, we communicated solely by phone, video chat, and text because he was in Air Force training in San Antonio, Texas. I was in Florida. However, he would return back to Florida on police duty among completion of his training. So this gave us time to try to get to know each other without sex being involved, which was a plus. After 4 months of conversing and feeling pressured to be in a relationship, I agreed to pursue making the relationship official before actually physically seeing him and us getting to know each other in person. I made last minute arrangements to visit him for his graduation, while also trying to move into my new place. I made some sacrifices on purchasing furniture because he wanted me to move in with him. I applied for a new job, started traveling back and forth to see him every 2 weeks along with other sacrifices. All to pursue a relationship with this "wonderful" guy.

Well, once I started visiting and staying with him on the weekends I started noticing things. Female products under the sink, phone being left in the car, phone on silent, phone face down, and he was always on Instagram before he would initiate conversations with me in the mornings. Then I started paying attention to his Instagram following. He was following thousands of females, over three thousand minimum. Models, body builders, high school friends, and random females. Sexually explicit females. Lots of them. Then I started seeing him like other female's pictures. Once, I came over to his place and noticed two plates, two cups, two pairs of silverware, two bowls as though someone else was there. It made me think for a minute but I brushed it off. The